I'm sitting in the lobby of the historic Ahwanee Hotel in Yosemite Village, CA, and this place gets even more magical every time I'm lucky enough to venture here. I played last night with a great band, and my good friends, Elastik Soul from St. Louis. Check them out when you can, they're phenomenal musicians and even better people. Good times.

Yosemite is currently in the middle of receiving an overwhelming amount of snow... "Sierra cement" is the name for it here, because it is seriously the heaviest, wettest snow, at least that I've ever seen. Perfect for snow balls, and the "snow bomb's," which drop from the trees and look like giant snow pancakes, add some hilarity when they crash on the unsuspecting tourist' head.

This is one of the most awe-inspiring places I've been to on my travels, and it always sparks the creative juices and reminds me of how small I am; that I'm a part of something so much bigger than the conciousness I'm limited to. It's amazing how the world can be re-shaped in these moments of realization. It feels good to feel re-invigorated, even if it's just for this moment, right now.

Last night, myself and a few friends walked out into the middle of the valley, trudging through the snow and dodging the snow bombs. It was a full moon, and the mist rolled over half-dome and el cap just right, leaving a lasting memory in my minds eye. Such an awesome place... I hope that you get to check it out someday, and I hope it will remind you, like it did me, how lucky we are to live in this beautiful country, and how we have a responsibility to enjoy and protect these inspiring locations for the people who will come when we're gone. Cheers from Yosemite :-)

Reading: The Economic Hit Man
Listening to: The Felice Brothers


2010 was an incredible year, full of unexpected adventures, surprises, and growth. I have been fortunate to stumble across so many amazingly talented dreamers and musicians and people who believe there is a different way to live life than the societal norm; people who believe in what they're doing because they know the only way to change anything is to challenge and re-create what is already in existence. It has been a year of awesome inspiration and renewed belief.

Nashville is an amazing city filled with music through and through. It seems most people who are familiar with Nashville only by name and reputation believe it is only the home to country music... and yes, country is a gigantic staple in music city, but the undercurrent of folk-rock-indie music is thriving just beneath the surface, remaining out of sight except to those ever rarer music searchers.

I've been amazed and educated by the amount of talent and creativity here. Never before have I seen so much work and passion poured into music... people here live music and fill their souls with it... they research it and respect it, and strive to gain deeper knowledge of the intangible connection it creates between the outer world and the inner.

Here are a few of the incredible musicians I've had the pleasure to perform with and learn from over the past year... check them out when you're ready to rock!

Happy New Year :-)

Leroy Powell & The Messengers
Dave Pahanish
Sam & Ruby
Matthew Perryman Jones
Bonnie Bishop
Shelly Fairchild
Clay Evans
David Oakleaf
Tom Schrek
Katie Herzig
Emily West
Hugh Mitchell
Eric Paslay
Anthony Billups
Anthony Adams