So, this last weekend I went to New York City for the first time in my life. It is by far the biggest, craziest, most incredible place I've ever been. I've grown up in beautiful places on the west coast... but they have been small and 'environmentally beautiful,' so to speak. NYC is beautiful in an entirely different way. The amount of diversity and culture that you can cross as soon as you walk out the door is fascinating. Every culture in the world must be represented there, and in mass numbers. From business men to artists, labor workers to crazy ass bag ladies screaming to no one about everyone, musicians, tourists.... absolutely incredible.

I was dually impressed and troubled by the ability of the people there to live in such close proximity with each other, while not divulging their own personal world. It was fascinating to ride the subway and watch a sharply dressed young professional sit next to a dirty musician (like me) and not even blink an eye. People are so intertwined and yet so disassociated with each other... pretty crazy.

Despite the fact that I was a small town Wyoming boy walking the streets much like Crocodile Dundee, I felt like I was one of them... one of the city people. I liked it so much that I'm even entertaining the idea of moving there.

The thing that troubled me about NYC is the fact that a person could live there, among millions of people, and still be alone. You would think that being so close to so many other humans would only multiply the amount of interaction, but I found it to be the opposite. It's ironic and sad that when people want be alone, all they really have to do is go where everyone else is. Of course, I'm making generalizations... I know there are plenty of people in NYC that reach out to others; who are outgoing and fearless when it comes to interpersonal communications. But still, a person could go years before ever running into one.

Enough negativity tho. All in all, I have never been more intrigued than I was this last weekend. Truly an incredible place.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

this blog makes me sad for you... your eyes are so sad. one day you won't be so afraid to live... and love. you just have to let go of what you think is you and be who you are. Fearless, strong, and loved. believe it, and you will have the freedom to innitiate the love you want to share but are afraid to step into. Instead of watching all the sadness you will break that silence and be light... and love. Just say "hello" and smile. you are so loved my brother. Walk in it.

6:12 PM  
Blogger isaac hayden said...

My friend, I don't know why you are so sad for me... I was just making an observation about a place that I'm totally unfamiliar with. Don't be sad for me bro... thanks for the concern tho, :-)

7:37 PM  
Anonymous clayton said...

hey your song is wonderful
very lucky in your life and in the your music

10:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thoreau wrote about this feeling of being alone in crowded places--check it out in Walden.

4:03 PM  
Blogger April said...

Hey! You got a blogspot blog! Sweet!

I've never been to NYC before, but I'm thinking it'd be nice to blend in for a while, not get noticed.

Sometimes it's hard observing things that others don't, but that's what also sets you apart.

6:59 PM  
Anonymous le moore said...

yeah, but the important thing is: who is the true RBI Baseball CHAMP!!!

9:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, I now what you are talking about I live in the bay area now...but I am from Seattle. I always feel like a small town girl who gets lost in the crowd. I am just a down home girl, who tried to make it big in the big city. We have all seen the TV movie. It is the feeling of being surround with people and still being alone. It is no different then being alone in the middle of wyoming.

3:21 PM  

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